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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grand Staircases

I guess you could describe my favorite design style as mostly french with rich details and lots of dramatic gold, silver and bronze accents with lots of flowers. I also enjoy modern,mid-century modern and even transitional as well.Grand staircases are all about the personality for me. I dislike the modern styles and can't get enough of the traditional English country style staircase-spiral or grand-it doesn't even matter. They give me this wonderful giddy feeling while also giving me this feeling of peace. It's very hard to describe since they are very different feelings, but its the excitement I still get when I see them, like I did when I was a child. They still make me want to run up and down them, play house and pretend I live there, and imagine having one someday in my own home. Since wonderful elegant staircases are usually inside mansions and castles I get a feeling of safety also. I think it's the combination of stone walls, lots of money, and important people usually associated with these structures that gives me the feelings of feeling protected. I still adore the old huge grand staircases over the modern eclectic versions out there now. Which do you prefer? And am I still terribly childish or does anyone else get similar feelings when they see staircases??

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  1. I have a weird fascination with staircases and (tree houses)... I based my thesis project off of this Staircase in NYC at the Longchamp store, it's pretty neat and outside the box!

  2. and on the topic of treehouses... see what I mean!?!... One day, I will live in a tree! haha... Google them... SO NEAT! and here's a link!