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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I figured this article was appropriate for a few reasons, one in being that it is actually starting to feel like spring has come. My number two reason is because I am a germ freak, and actually read these kinds of articles daily. I also have had pneumonia  for the past few weeks and I'm almost positive I gave it to myself by inhaling excessive amounts of bleach. 
Anna is HGTV's manager of online programming, and she has a wonderful checklist that I've posted below (notice she didn't mention cleaning with bleach, but instead peroxide & vinegar) :

  • Pour boiling water down all sinks
  • Run the washing machine with only vinegar added
  • Move all large appliances and large pieces of furniture for vacuuming and mopping (and removal of dreaded dog hair dust bunnies)
  • Wipe down all small kitchen appliances, including the power cords (you’ll be surprised what you’ll find stuck on the cord of your mixer)
  • Wash all dog beds and refresh with cedar chips
  • Take down all hanging art, mirrors and picture frames, dust and dust picture rails
  • Wash baseboards throughout house
  • Q-tip clean all corners and crevices (around sinks, faucets, light switch plates, doorways, etc.)
  • Per’s Help Around the Home: swap out high wattage bulbs for energy-efficient 3-way bulbs
  • Take all books off bookshelves, dust and downsize
  • Take all rugs outside and beat them
  • Use peroxide to whiten porcelain in the cast iron clawfoot tub
  • Give all indoor plants a bath
  • Dust all light fixtures and ceiling fans, reverse direction on ceiling fans for spring
  • Downsize, donate and pack up winter bedding and clothes with tons of bay leaves
  • Wash and bleach the white cloth shower curtain, window curtains, mattress pad and bed skirt
  • Remove everything from the refrigerator, freezer and pantry, wash top to bottom, return only what’s fresh along with new boxes of baking soda
  • Empty the linen closet, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dust, downsize, return only what’s needed
  • Replace all spices with new ones from the international farmer’s market
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner
  • Buy a new broom for good luck, make the broom from this year’s spring cleaning the outdoor broom
  • Buy a new front door mat, move old one to the back door


  1. since i read this blog as much as i do i notice bleaching in bullet 16.. i plan on printing this checklist off too

  2. That is in the washing machine though, it's a different type of exposure. Mine was from using the spray form of it to wipe everything in site, everyday, multiple times a day. =(

  3. haha maybe just need to cut back on the "multiple times a day".. i have a headache just thinking about the smell

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