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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fire Pits/Oasis's

Well, obviously you all can tell by my recent postings that I CANNOT WAIT for it to get nicer out and be able to sit outside by a fire and relax with friends or family. This is definitely one of my favorite things to do- not just because I'm good at it (if that's even possible), but because I have a lot of experience. I'm from wayyy up nort' and this is a normal thing for us. Almost every weekend, my friends and I hopped in some trucks and went to one of the few cabins that were in a 40 mile range & didn't have close neighbors. We sat on stumps by the fire, drank, danced, laughed & sang country songs until the sun came up. Clearly these gorgeous fireplaces and relaxing oasis's are nothing like what we used to gather around, but I still get that fuzzy, happy feeling when seeing any type of fire pit! Since I was little, my moms side of the family always took several camping trips every year-and we did did the 'real camping'. My idea of real camping probably isn't that real, but it basically means that we ate everything made by the fire-pudgie pies, hotdogs, popcorn, smores, meat, eggs, marshmallows corn-on-the-cob, get the idea. Our camping also meant we had a couple campers but mostly slept in tents, and some places we went had showers, but most didn't (or if they did-you don't want to use them). Most definitely a lot of my very best childhood memories were camping with my sister and cousins who I am so close with & wouldn't trade for the world. (holla -Aly, Jess, Manda, Mikey, Jen!)..Anyway, I could go on for days <3 soooo I'll just stop here and let you guys think about your camping trips, cabin escapades, and fondest childhood memories....

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  1. I can almost smell the burning wood. Love the fires.